Directions/Presenter Info

Presentation Tips

  • First and foremost: You are the expert on your research! We believe in you! (Remember, we are a friendly and primarily student bunch).
  • Practice your presentations to ensure they do not run over your allotted time.
  • Bring your presentation in multiple formats (we suggest USB and an email sent to yourself).
  • If you can, take a couple minutes to go to your presentation room and test out your presentation to see if it works, sometime before your presentation.
  • If (eek!) your presentation formatting is different on the presentation computer, you may be able to plug in your own laptop (we will provide instructions — it is best to bring your own adapters, especially if you are using a Mac). However, one way to work around that is to save a PDF version of your presentation to present off of instead; this typically saves the formatting.


  • You can find parking information here and a parking map here.
  • If you drive, please ensure you park carefully (e.g., within the lines of your stall), even if a parking lot looks empty.
  • Google maps is one of the best ways to plan your transit route. However, it does not link to the buses in real-time. To check the real-time schedule, we suggest downloading the free Winnipeg Bus Live app onto your mobile device.
  • You can find a map of the Fort Garry Campus (including the location of St. John’s College) here.
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